Criteria: Communication

The website clearly presents information on student learning outcomes assessment and/or results to multiple or specific internal and/or external audiences using layperson’s language and contextualized examples. Information is found on multiple pages across the website, updated regularly and easy to access and navigate via links or search engines. In addition, the site provides explanation or examples of the use of student learning outcomes assessment.

University of California – Irvine

University of California – Irvine’s Student Affairs Learning Outcomes website shares its on-going co-curricular learning assessment effort. Within the website, visitors can view the participants of the assessment effort, the University’s five student-learning domains used to assess student development, and the general timeline of the assessment effort. For each learning domain, there are additional links… Read more »

Ferris State University

Ferris State University’s Student Affairs Assessment webpage provides a host of information regarding its student affairs assessment. Visitors to the webpage can view information regarding the Mission and Goals of the University’s student affairs assessment efforts, the organizational structure of the committee that oversees the assessment initiatives and a statement about how these assessment efforts… Read more »

Cornell University

Cornell University’s Assessment of Student Learningwebpages present an overview of the university’s student learning assessment efforts. Included within the webpages are messages from the university’s provost and vice provost about the university’s assessment efforts, ways of putting such information into practice and a list of learning outcomes the university hopes students attain. There is additional… Read more »

Sinclair College

Displaying a variety of information about its assessment mission and practices, Sinclair Community College’s assessment webpages provide viewers with plenty to read and think about. Included within the webpages are links to information about articulation and transfer, assessment of student learning, which focuses on general education outcomes, and a diagram about how curriculum is developed… Read more »

SUNY University at Albany

SUNY University at Albany’s Student Success Assessment website offers a collection of infographics designed to highlight assessment of various student affairs offices and programs. The infographics present data from a number of campus resources, including Career Services, Campus Safety, Parents Council, Student Involvement and Leadership, and Conflict Resolution and Civic Responsibility. Also included are infographics… Read more »

North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University’s student affairs assessment website features videos, reports, and infographics designed to communicate NDSU’s student affairs assessment data to a variety of audiences. On the assessment resources  page, site visitors can view a short video introducing student affairs assessment activities at NDSU, as well as links to video tutorials on using Excelto… Read more »

Miami University

Miami University’s CELTUA websiteprovides a wealth of information on assessment activities at Miami University. The site includes assessment success stories, in which Miami faculty briefly address their experiences developing and assessing student learning outcomes within their respective departments. The Student Success Plan page features links to Miami’s general education learning outcomes and descriptions of the projects intended to address these outcomes, as well as… Read more »

Kansas State University

Kansas State University’s Office of Assessment website features interactive infographics outlining Kansas State’s senior survey and NSSE data. The infographics allow site visitors to sort and view survey data, and the site provides detailed information on the survey results presented in the infographics. The site also provides information on Kansas State’s annual conference, Institute for… Read more »

D’Youville College School of Pharmacy

D’Youville College’s School of Pharmacy has created a comprehensive website detailing the assessment process for D’Youville’s PharmD program. The site provides a road map for assessment of the PharmD program by offering an overview of educational and programmatic assessment that includes an adaptation of NILOA’s Transparency Framework. The site also presents D’Youville’s annual assessment plans; the program’s intended outcomes; and an assessment timeline describing… Read more »

Howard University

Howard University’s Office of Institutional Assessment & Evaluation (OIAE) website presents an overview of Howard’s evidence-based approach to assessment. Howard’s quarterly newsletters provide ongoing data related to student achievement and student satisfaction at Howard, including student and faculty survey results, student interviews, and updates on various student programs. Howard’s detailed conceptual framework and strategic plan for assessment not only presents Howard’s general approach… Read more »