Criteria: Communication

The website clearly presents information on student learning outcomes assessment and/or results to multiple or specific internal and/or external audiences using layperson’s language and contextualized examples. Information is found on multiple pages across the website, updated regularly and easy to access and navigate via links or search engines. In addition, the site provides explanation or examples of the use of student learning outcomes assessment.

D’Youville College School of Pharmacy

D’Youville College’s School of Pharmacy has created a comprehensive website detailing the assessment process for D’Youville’s PharmD program. The site provides a road map for assessment of the PharmD program by offering an overview of educational and programmatic assessment that includes an adaptation of NILOA’s Transparency Framework. The site also presents D’Youville’s annual assessment plans; the program’s intended outcomes; and an assessment timeline describing… Read more »

Howard University

Howard University’s Office of Institutional Assessment & Evaluation (OIAE) website presents an overview of Howard’s evidence-based approach to assessment. Howard’s quarterly newsletters provide ongoing data related to student achievement and student satisfaction at Howard, including student and faculty survey results, student interviews, and updates on various student programs. Howard’s detailed conceptual framework and strategic plan for assessment not only presents Howard’s general approach… Read more »

Valencia College

Valencia College’s Institutional Assessment website offers full, unrestricted access to all of its assessment documents and activities, including general education and program-level learning outcomes and examples of data, rubrics, and plans used in assessment at Valencia. The site  allows visitors to view in-progress workbooks for AA and AS programs, which detail how each program’s course… Read more »

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP)

This website presents survey results from the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) in an easily accessible, interactive format. The website’s SnaapShot provides a breakdown of survey data, including type of arts major, location of employment, type of degree attained, current occupation of arts graduates, and debt and earnings information. Each interactive section of the… Read more »

Boston College

Boston College’s Assessment website is a comprehensive resource for guidance and support for assessment professionals and departments. It features links to the college’s Assessment Cycle and Assessment Handbook, Departmental Outcomes, a conversation guide that departments can use to examine their assessment programs, and examples of assessment projects from various Student Affairs departments. In addition to… Read more »

Rio Salado College

Rio Salado College was recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) for “building an accessible, comprehensive and systemic process for assessment, accreditation and accountability.”  This practice, along with working within the Presidents’ forum’s Transparency by Design, resulted in CHEA presenting Rio Salado College with the CHEA Award for Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student… Read more »

Zayed University

Zayed University’s Learning Outcomes (ZULOs) is a one-stop shop for a variety of assessment resources.  As an institution, six student learning outcomes are utilized by every department including: (1) Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning; (2) Global Awareness; (3) Information Literacy; (4) Language; (5) Leadership; and (6) Technological Literacy.  Zayed’s website includes rubrics which measure each… Read more »

James Madison University

James Madison University’s Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) is a one stop shop for its assessment resources. The Center provides a variety of services including quality assessment service to the university, applied graduate training in both assessment and measurement, increased use of innovative technology in assessment practice, and quality scholarship in assessment and measurement. For its various engaging… Read more »

Marquette University

Marquette University’s Assessment Office provides a wealth of assessment information accessible to both internal and external audiences. Its University-Wide Student Learning Assessment Policy outlines assessment principles, responsibilities, and supporting offices. Learning outcomes, assessment plans, assessment highlights, and assessment reports for every major covering 2008, 2009 and 2010-11 are available for each academic and co-curricular unit. Not only does… Read more »

Jacksonville State University

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) at Jacksonville State University is committed to providing “accurate, reliable, and systematic departmental and institutional support in research and assessment” through the use of “cutting-edge technology and a collection of high quality, proven tools and resources that support continuous improvement through meaningful planning, analysis, reporting, and informed… Read more »