Lane Community College

Lane Community College’s assessment website offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the practice of assessment and how the college implements its own assessment plans. In addition to an introductory educational video about assessment, there are links to the college’s Core Learning Outcomes (CLOs), Course Learning Outcomes, and Institutional Context,┬ácontent that articulates the college’s approach to assessment and its learning expectations of students. Also included within the website are Core Learning Outcomes rubrics created by faculty members at the college. Versions of these rubrics cover topics such writing reflective essays, engaging in round table discussions, and critical thinking. There are also links to the college’s Current Projects and Events and Reports and Actions. Within the Reports and Actions webpage, viewers can read about the college’s assessment action plan, assessment synthesis reports, and student learning outcomes assessment plan, among others.

Given the clarity and depth of Lane Community College’s assessment website, it is this month’s featured website in the category of Communication and Centralized Assessment Repository.