Zayed University

Zayed University’s Learning Outcomes (ZULOs) is a one-stop shop for a variety of assessment resources. As an institution, six student learning outcomes are utilized by every department including: (1) Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning; (2) Global Awareness; (3) Information Literacy; (4) Language; (5) Leadership; and (6) Technological Literacy. Zayed’s website includes rubrics which measure each learning outcome using Indicators and Criteria ranging from Beginning, Developing, and Accomplished to Exemplary. In addition to these institution-wide learning outcomes, each major has established Major Learning Outcomes (MALOs). Assessment support is provided to students, staff and faculty through several different means including retreats, assessment awards, and a newsletter, Zulan, distributed to faculty as a means to keep them informed about learning assess at the university. Further, an assessment calendar outlining assessment activities and responsible units is provided.