University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington’s (UTA) Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Reporting (IER) web page is this month’s NILOA Featured Website! For current UTA faculty and staff, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Reporting offers professional development opportunities on assessment management systems and more meaningful assessment practices. Visitors to the site can find a multitude of resources including reports on UTA’s six core curriculum objectives, the learning outcomes that the state of Texas and the institution believe students should acquire through coursework and co-curricular experiences. A description of each outcome, accompanying rubrics derived from the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics, and rationale behind each outcome are also available. The intended student competencies by academic program are also listed.

The IER website also makes available numerous survey data including exit surveys of graduating seniors, results from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), student feedback, and general survey resources. For those engaged in assessment work, the IER web page has Unit Effectiveness Process (UEP) resources such as UTA’s assessment handbook, a Quick Guide to Plan and Results Reporting, a Quick Guide to Improvement Reports, and a Wheel of Assessment Responsibility diagram all of which are useful for external audiences. Finally, there are copious general assessment resources, including PowerPoint slides from assessment workshops and resources on assessment methods. For these reasons, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Reporting website from the University of Texas at Arlington is NILOA’s Featured Website in the categories of Centralized Assessment Repository and Communication.