University of California Riverside

The University of California Riverside’s Office of Evaluation and Assessment web page is NILOA’s Featured Website for December 2018. The website offers straight forward and useful information on assessment beginning with its mission: “to facilitate a culture of data-driven decision making and continuous educational improvement.” The institution’s assessment handbook allows visitors to interactively find information on the various aspects of good assessment practice including learning outcomes statements, aligning learning opportunities with desired outcomes, data analysis, and ultimately using and sharing assessment results. Undergraduate-level learning outcomes are also found for each academic program and for the overall institution. There are numerous resources available for use, as well, to help with planning departmental assessment efforts, briefs on ePortfolios, and rubrics. Reports can be found along various metrics (e.g., transfer student success, retention, and placement), along with other data resources. The university also makes available the results of the undergraduate experience survey conducted every two years. Finally, website visitors can find information on the institution’s Feedback for Impactful Teaching initiative, aimed at encouraging students to provide constructive feedback to improve pedagogy. For these reasons, the University of California Riverside is a NILOA Featured Website in the categories of Communication and Centralized Assessment Repository.