SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo has created an Academic Assessment Wiki which details assessment activities across the Geneseo campus. Each academic program maintains a page on the Wiki outlining the program’s learning outcomes, recent assessment-related actions, and a statement on how the program is working to close the assessment loop. The Wiki also provides a detailed plan for general education assessment at Geneseo, as well as learning outcomes and assessment results for various areas of general education.

Geneseo’s Academic Assessment Wiki offers visitors clearly stated and easy-to-understand information on recording assessment results, links to assessment resources, and answers to frequently asked questionsĂ‚ about assessment. Also included is a blog exploring various topics related to assessment.

Due to its innovative and comprehensive presentation of assessment resources and activities, SUNY Geneseo’s Wiki is this month’s featured website in the categories of Creativity and Centralized Assessment Repository.