Las Positas College

Las Positas College’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) webpage is the September 2019 NILOA Featured Website! The website provides a rich range of materials on student learning outcomes (SLOs) and assessment. For instance, website visitors can find tips on how to write institutional, program, and course outcomes. As both a good practice of transparency and to serve as an example for others, the institution has made available its own current SLO statements for the course-, program-, and institution-level; along with SLOs for student services. Relatedly, there is a FAQ-style page that helps explain SLOs to students. In addition, the SLO Handbook offers a useful introduction and guide to learning outcomes and assessment. Website visitors can also find several assessment results for outcomes at the institution-level, program-level, and student services ranging from 2013 through 2016 as well as an archive of prior results and assessment related information.

There are plenty of useful general assessment resources, as well. For one, Las Positas offers an informative Assessment Tools guide that discusses the benefits and challenges associated with various assessment tools. Supporting this document is the college’s own assessment philosophy which can be used to start meaningful conversations about the purpose and approaches to effective SLO assessment. For these reasons, Las Positas College’s Student Learning Outcomes webpage is a Featured Website in the category of Centralized Assessment Repository aligning with the Transparency Framework’s component of Student Learning Outcomes Statements.