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Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU) Office of Academic Assessment, part of the Institutional Effectiveness webpage, is a NILOA Featured Website! BGSU is also an Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designee recognized in 2017 for excellence assessment work. The Office of Academic Assessment (OAA) provides the university with assessment information and resources, offers professional development for faculty and programs through workshops and consultations across various assessment-related topics, and helps the institution collect and disseminate assessment data. Through the OAA website, visitors can find the University Learning Outcomes detailing the shared fundamental education values expected of students across all majors, general education, and the co-curricular experiences. These are also aligned to the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics and to Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in Canvas BGSU’s assessment management software of choice. SLOs are catalogued for undergraduate and graduate programs. The OAA actively involves students in gathering information on student learning. These Student Learning Analysts lead various assessment projects, which are made available on the website.

All departments at BGSU are expected to submit a student achievement report to the Student Achievement Assessment Committee (SAAC) on the outcomes assessed over the past year. To this end, website visitors can review the sample SAAC Program Assessment Plan & Reporting Cycle Rubric (both in short-form and long-form) and its accompanying guide. Website visitors can also find BGSU’s program review guide, which can serve as an example for others in developing their own program review process. Data reports can be found across various initiatives including the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+), National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), BGSU’s institution-wide learning outcomes, general education outcomes, and accreditation. Finally, various useful resources can be found through the Center for Faculty Excellence. For these reasons, BGSU’s Institutional Effectiveness webpage is a NILOA Featured Website in the Centralized Assessment Repository category aligned with the Transparency Framework’s Current Assessment Activities component.