DQP Assignment Library: The Peer Review Process

The materials in the DQP Assignment Library have gone through a three-stage review process. The first stage of review is undertaken by the NILOA project team, which makes decisions about whether to accept the submission or not. Those selected for a second stage of review are then shared with three to six faculty peers, typically from the same or related fields, who have experience with assignment design; their role is to provide written feedback and suggestions for revision. After making revisions, authors resubmit their materials to NILOA, where they pass through a final review–to make sure that all required elements are included, and minor copy editing as needed. The finished materials are then published to the site.

We recognize, however, that assignment design is an iterative process, and we expect that many of the materials posted here will undergo further revision and improvement. Authors are encouraged to submit updated versions of their materials and to continue reporting how the assignment is being used in their classrooms.