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Western University

Western University’s Thrive Online webpage is a NILOA Featured Website as an example for how evidence of student learning can be shared in different ways; in this case, by letting students tell their learning stories. Thrive Online is a space for Western University students to share their learning stories and life experiences so that peers can celebrate, engage, and educate each other even while not physically together on campus. The website stresses the values of joy, courage, curiosity, equity, decolonization, empathy, hope, humility, and integrity across the platform. Thrive Online is informed by the Thriving Framework, and it is guided by the tenets of maintaining positive perspectives, academic determination, engaged learning, social connectedness, and diverse citizenship to help contribute to the learning process and students’ well-being.

Students who contribute to Thrive Online can have their pieces published in the Scholars’ Life print magazine, which can then go into their resume/CV. Students are also encouraged to submit course blog assignments, or share observations and insights from coursework. Students can post on various topics, including academics, culture and community, student experiences, wellness, and more. There is also a Digital Community Content Creation Manual that may be helpful for students authoring content for online courses, as well. For their efforts in centralizing the student experience and creating space for student participation, Western University’s Thrive Online website is an institutional example of the Transparency Framework’s Evidence of Student Learning component.