Texas A&M University System

The Empower U website from the Texas A&M University System’s is the July 2020 NILOA Featured Website! In developing the website, the system relied on NILOA’s Transparency Framework and its components to guide the types of information made available to visitors. Institutions in the Texas A&M University System share a common set of student learning outcomes, and are encouraged to pursue an assessment culture of improvement; emphasizing a commitment “to responsible assessment practices that stress fairness and equity, and transparency.” Website visitors can find information on the six system-wide learning outcomes: Ethical & Social Responsibility, Globalization & Diversity, Specific Knowledge, Integration, Communication, and Problem Solving & Critical Thinking. This includes a description of each outcome and an overview of the multiple measures that will be used as sources of evidence for each outcome. Information regarding how different system universities engage in assessment and quality enhancement from an evidence-based and continuous improvement perspective can also be explored; including those of the Texarkana, Central Texas, and Prairie View campuses. Finally, cache of “data about current student enrollment, graduation rates, degrees awarded, and financial metrics for all universities within The Texas A&M System” can be found on the site. For these reasons, the Empower U website is a NILOA Featured Website in the category of Communication. The site also serves as an example of the Transparency Framework Student Learning Outcomes Statements component.