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San Diego Mesa College

San Diego Mesa College’s Outcomes and Assessment webpage is NILOA’s first Featured Website of 2019! The Outcomes and Assessment webpage is hosted within Mesa College’s Institutional Effectiveness website which has useful information on accreditation, the institution’s educational master plan, institutional research, resources for program review, and reports on student learning. As it is described in the website, “Outcomes Assessment is the process of collecting information that will tell the College whether the services, activities, or experiences it offers are having the desired impact on those who partake in them.” As such, the webpage offers information on the Committee on Outcomes and Assessment (COA), various training workshops and training materials for departmental outcomes coordinators, and assessment resourcesĀ on a variety of topics ranging from overviews of the assessment process to sample worksheets and templates.

The Outcomes and Assessment webpage also offers a creative, interactive, and informative guide on outcomes and assessment. In this guide, users can find definitions related to assessment, participants’ roles in assessment, and information on learning outcomes and the assessment process for the course and program levels, for the student services division, and for administrative units. For example, the guide on course learning outcomes offers information on how to review or develop new course outcomes supported with examples of outcomes and objectives, tips for editing current outcomes, an overview of assessment methods, and how to close the loop. For these reasons, San Diego Mesa College’s Outcomes and Assessment webpage is NILOA’s first Featured Website in the categories of Communication, Creativity, and Centralized Assessment Repository.