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Degree Qualifications Profile in Oregon

The DQP in Oregon website outlines the efforts of the seven-campus Oregon University System and Oregon’s seventeen independent community colleges to develop a Degree Qualifications Profile that is specific to Oregon. The site features ongoing projects, including interactive spidergraphs for each of the twenty-four institutions represented in the DQP in Oregon, which allow visitors to see how institution-specific program and course outcomes function within the DQP learning outcomes spiderweb. Visitors can click one or more program outcomes to change the spidergraph for an institution, providing a detailed account of how the program fulfills the DQP outcomes either individually or in conjunction with other outcomes.

Site visitors can also view at-a-glance overviews and explore work plans for each Oregon institution; read a summary of responses to institutional activity reports; and learn about past DQP conferences. The site also provides extensive information on the DQP, The Lumina Foundation, and NILOA. Due to its innovative application of the DQP at the state level, the DQP in Oregon website is this month’s Featured Website in the category of Creativity.