Cornell University

Cornell University’s Assessment of Student Learningwebpages present an overview of the university’s student learning assessment efforts. Included within the webpages are messages from the university’s provost and vice provost about the university’s assessment efforts, ways of putting such information into practice and a list of learning outcomes the university hopes students attain. There is additional information about the university’s student learning goals. The “Putting it Into Practice” page even includes a step by step outline, with a diagram, towards communicating how to effectively use assessment information to improve student learning at the university.

Also included on the “Putting it into Practice” page are a host of institutional examples of assessment plans and results for different academic disciplines. There are examples for Humanities, Life Science, Physical Science, among others, which helps provide a deeper understanding about the institutional diversity of student learning assessments and outcomes. Viewers can also find information on Core Assessment Committee Resourcesused to improve the university’s student learning assessment efforts. Further, there is a Glossary of Termswebpage and FAQ webpage to help establish greater understanding about the university’s assessment efforts.

Because student learning assessment information and resources are presented in a clear manner, Cornell University’s Assessment of Student Learning is this month’s Featured Website in the category of Communication.