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Capella University

Capella University has multiple locations and sources of information across its website for student learning outcomes assessment. Not only is there an entire section of the website devoted to results of learning outcomes, but Capella includes videos and graphs (as well as accessible transcripts of each) to help multiple audiences and users comprehend current student learning outcomes assessment activities and how it is integrated throughout the institution. Results, which range from learning and career outcomes to national student surveys, are clearly communicated and explained by program stretching from undergraduate to graduate programs. In addition, throughout the site there are links to national initiatives such as College Choice for Adults which allows potential students to compare Capella learning outcome results with similar institutions. Capella’s website has made learning outcomes assessment a centerpiece of the information shared with online visitors.

For creativity, Capella has developed interactive tools to help multiple audiences understand what student learning outcomes assessment means and entails for the institution. The Learning Outcomes Transparency timeline moves users through online videos, interactive text, and multiple sources of information to outline the entire learning outcomes process from start to finish. Such a creative use of their website to clearly communicate information on student learning outcomes assessment to multiple audiences is what gives Capella University the status of this month’s Featured Website.