Bucknell University

Bucknell University’s Assessment website serves as a central location for assessment-related information, tools, templates and resources for both external visitors and those within the university community. Included among the resources and information on outcomes (i.e., graduation and retention rates, graduate career paths, and academic engagement) along with infographics and interactive dashboards on evidence of student learning based on various Bucknell educational goals and examples of assessment measures and uses of assessment results. Website visitors can read Bucknell University’s 9 institutional learning goals and examples of student projects that exemplify these goals. In addition, learning outcomes for both individual academic departments/programs and the college core curriculum are available. Finally, a message from Provost Barbara K. Altmann on the Importance of Assessment at Bucknell University is featured. Bucknell University’s Assessment website is this month’s Featured Website in the categories of Communication and Creativity.