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Texas A&M International University: A Culture of Assessment INTEGRATEd

“Student learning outcomes have been the foundation, or the fundamental piece of everything we do.”  — Administrator Texas A&M International University was selected as a NILOA case study institution due to 1) its commitment to choosing assessments and tools appropriate for its students, 2) its long history with and innovative approach to assessment, and 3)… Read more »

St. Olaf College: Utilization-Focused Assessment

“Our primary focus of work is teaching and what we really want to understand as faculty are the practices, structures and experiences that will support learning. We may have hunches, but focusing on inquiry in support of learning allows us to think, in more intentional ways, about what we are trying to achieve and ultimately… Read more »

North Carolina A&T State University: A Culture of Inquiry

“[A culture of inquiry is] a gentle way of bringing assessment data to faculty and administrators as opposed to telling them what this means and what they should do. Instead, when you are rolling out and sharing assessment data, you present it and say ‘What do you make of this?’ because there may be external… Read more »

Colorado State University: A Comprehensive Continuous Improvement System

“Now, assessment has a positive influence on teaching and student learning. The emphasis has shifted from assessment as our duty, to assessment as a meaningful way to reflect on our work, and provide feedback on faculty and student performance.” — Faculty, History Colorado State University was determined to be an instructive case study because of… Read more »

Capella University: An Outcomes-Based Institution

“If we are not doing an excellent job of assessment, we can’t be confident that our curriculum is achieving that which we hope it is. Essentially, our students need to learn, persist, graduate, and then achieve their goals in life and career. We can’t tell if any of that is real unless we have some… Read more »