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Everyday Macroeconomics: An Indicator Assessment Project

Description The Everyday Macroeconomics: An Indicator Assessment is a group project that is incorporated within the instruction of Principles of Macroeconomics. The project is a significant component of establishing access, interest, and understanding of the use-value of economics in everyday life and offers a creative student-led synthesis of the objective of the course: be able… Read more »

Design and Build a Musical Instrument

Description The Design and Build a Musical Instrument project represents both an individual and a group project. Each student is to design and build an instrument that is durable, audible, and attractive. This instrument is accompanied by a paper describing the physics concepts related to creating the instrument (e.g., length of strings, placement of holes,… Read more »

Power line sag analysis

Description The assignment puts students in the context of working for an engineering consulting firm asked by a city council to model the sag of high voltage transmission lines, and consider health implications of electromagnetic fields around the lines. Student teams are allowed to select a municipality. The assignment is part of a course deliberately… Read more »

Keychain Ziplines: A Practical Way to Study Velocity in the Calculus Classroom

Description This formative assessment entails a set of activities designed for the first day of a college calculus course and tested in a variety of college calculus classrooms. Learning objectives are to: review calculations of average velocity; introduce the concept of instantaneous velocity; have students explore the connections between average and instantaneous velocity; and create… Read more »

Enzyme Kinetics and Reversible Inhibitors

Description This assignment is for an upper level biochemistry course. It uses enzyme kinetics to assess quantitative literacy and the student’s ability to translate mathematical relationships into biochemical processes. The first part can be done in groups (for larger classes) or individually. The second part is an exam question that is used for individual assessment.… Read more »