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Group Project: Quantitative Literacy Data Analysis

Description This assignment is used in Introduction to Criminal Justice, about five weeks into the semester when students have been introduced to a number of key concepts in the field, including the national crime rate, sociological factors impacting criminal activity and crime mapping. It is a group project and requires that students demonstrate computer/information literacy–a… Read more »

A Bridge from Course to Capstone: The Final Methods Paper

Description This assignment, given in the qualitative methods course, was designed to serve as a bridge to the research-centered capstone required of Communication Studies students in their senior year. Its aim is to help them develop a basic plan for their capstone research project in terms of topic, methodological framework, IRB consideration, core theories, and… Read more »

My Future Classroom Project

Description The purpose of the' My Future Classroom Project' is for teacher candidates to begin to recognize and consider various factors involved in teaching and planning for their future classroom. It serves as the beginnings of a professional portfolio; however, it is expected that it will change and evolve further as students continue to learn... Read more »