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Final Research Project: Information Technology/Business Research PowerPoint Presentation

Description This assignment is the final project in an Introduction to Computer Information Systems course that aims to provide students with skills in applications including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and fundamental knowledge of the concepts that underpin information technology and how these concepts relate to business concerns. It requires students to research an IT topic… Read more »

The Globally Effective Citizen (GEC 314)

Description The Globally Effective Citizen (GEC 314) explores the incredibly diverse world of indigenous people, and examines the juxtaposition of the Western worldview with the world inhabited by indigenous people. We examine this relationship within historical, political, geographical, cultural and environmental contexts. This assignment draws on evidence from two main sources: one, a position paper… Read more »

Ethics within the Profession

Description This Assignment template was developed to assess students’ ability to reason ethically given a problem within their discipline. It can be adapted to any program by pointing the student to the appropriate professional code of ethics and inserting a discipline-specific scenario. It was designed to evaluate student learning at the bachelor’s level, but could… Read more »