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What’s the Relationship? Are Those Behaviors Really Related? Correlational Research Assignment

Description This assignment is used in Psychology 138: Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences. It is the culminating activity for the unit on correlational research, which is covered in the middle of the semester. The assignment originally was developed in FY13 as part of an AAC&U Quality Collaboratives partnership between Middlesex and UMass Lowell that focuses… Read more »

Food Safety Manual

Description The assignment is a Food Safety Manual that students create to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of concepts taught throughout their course, drawing on current research to ensure their manual is up to date and relevant to their chosen audience. Students can create a manual for food service employees at any type of food… Read more »

Internet Speed Project

Description This assignment serves as an active learning opportunity for the Internet and data communications topics of a general freshman computing course. Students must evaluate their Internet service to determine if the speeds of subscribed service are being delivered and then communicate their findings using networking terminology. The assignment also provides students with an opportunity… Read more »

Group Project: Quantitative Literacy Data Analysis

Description This assignment is used in Introduction to Criminal Justice, about five weeks into the semester when students have been introduced to a number of key concepts in the field, including the national crime rate, sociological factors impacting criminal activity and crime mapping. It is a group project and requires that students demonstrate computer/information literacy–a… Read more »