This page holds select presentations given by NILOA staff and senior scholars to provide examples of the current types of presentations most commonly requested by the field.

Evidence-Based Storytelling

See how we conceptualize evidence-based storytelling to better communicate the value of higher education to specific audiences.

This presentation is from the 2019 Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting.

Equity and Assessment: Culturally Responsive Assessment

These presentations explore the relationship between equity and assessment, provide an overview of culturally responsive assessment, and offer updates on related initiatives and ongoing conversations with partner organizations.

This presentation is from the 2019 Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) Annual Conference.

Reframing Assessment

Reframing assessment presentations unpack the narratives around assessment of student learning, examining mental models, philosophies, and approaches that lead to delineation of camps within the field of assessment practice and scholarship.

This keynote presentation is from the 3rd Annual Higher Education Assessment Conference sponsored by New England College.

Assignment Design and Curriculum Mapping

While there are toolkits to assist in offering your own assignment charrette or mapping learning workshop, the example provides an overview of assignment and mapping presentations and conversations.

This workshop presentation is from the 6th Annual Arizona Assessment Conference hosted by Glendale Community College.