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NILOA features websites which provide examples of promising practices of innovative and transparent online communication of student learning outcomes assessment at the institution, program or unit level on institutional websites. Selection as a Featured Website includes an examination of the website in relation to one or more of the following criteria: Communication, Creativity, Centralized Assessment Repository. If you would like to submit a website for consideration, please email NILOA:

Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College’s Office of Research & Planning provides information for both internal and external audiences about its student outcomes assessment activities. Listed on its website are student learning outcomes broken down into three categories central to its mission: general education, developmental education, and career/technical education. Users of the website will not only find full… Read more »

Walden University

Walden University’s Demonstrating Accountability, Transparency, and Assessment (DATA) website provides a centralized resource for multiple data points across the institution and within departments related to student learning. The website posts the stated learning outcomes for each program, information on student satisfaction, performance indicators, and student self-assessments of their learning. In addition, the website presents information,… Read more »

Juniata College

For those interested in learning more about student learning, Juniata College has “Just the Facts” website that addresses “whatever your questions might be.” The “Just the Facts” website provides information on “what we know about our programs, the success, the challenges, the in-progress.” Not afraid to state that the institution still has room to grow,… Read more »

Northern Arizona University

Unique to Northern Arizona University’s Office of Academic Assessment is the creative Seal of Assessment awarded to academic units and programs that demonstrate significant progress in assessment of student learning and to promote promising practices. In addition to the seals, the website provides a plethora of resources including information on assessment events, resources on assessment, an assessment… Read more »

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University’s Assessment website communicates assessment information clearly to multiple audiences by providing specific links for faculty, students, and the general public. Through sharing information on assessment activities, resources, results, and events to multiple audiences in a user friendly format, Oklahoma State University’s Assessment website is truly worthy to be a NILOA Featured Website.

Joliet Junior College

The Student Learning Committee’s website at Joliet Junior College contains an abundance of information on student learning outcomes assessment in an easy to find, centralized location. The plethora of easy to understand information on assessment, as well as the multiple media formats in which the information is presented makes Joliet Junior College NILOA’s featured website.

University of Hawai’i, Manoa

From information on how to plan for assessments to examples from other schools to original research projects to handouts, University of Hawai‘i, Manoa (UHM) Assessment Office website has it all. We highlight two activities, Assessment Shorts and annual assessment reports, from this site and encourage you to check out the rest. For its clear communication… Read more »

George Mason University

With a wealth of information, the Office of Institutional Assessment at George Mason University is this month’s NILOA’s featured website because of its clear navigation and communication strategies. For easy navigation, the site has two menus to guide users through the different pages as well as links within the text. Each section is titled so… Read more »

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky’s Office of Assessment disseminates data and assessment information to its institution’s internal audience, while staying transparent by posting it online for any online user to view, through its newsletter, Sizzle: What’s Hot in Assessment. Entering its third volume this month, Sizzle provides ideas for assessment, highlights how individuals and departments are using… Read more »

Capella University

Capella University has multiple locations and sources of information across its website for student learning outcomes assessment. Not only is there an entire section of the website devoted to results of learning outcomes, but Capella includes videos and graphs (as well as accessible transcripts of each) to help multiple audiences and users comprehend current student… Read more »