Proposals Due: Assessment in Higher Education: Enhancing Institutional Excellence

November 1, 2019 all-day
University of Florida

They invite proposals that address the following conference focus areas and questions:

  • Diverse methodologies. What models, designs, and practices are most successful for the assessment of student achievement and skill across diverse programs and student populations?
  • Data analysis. In what ways are assessment data analyzed to yield meaningful information in different institutional and disciplinary contexts?
  • Effective data use. In what ways are higher education professionals using assessment data effectively to improve teaching, learning and the student experience?
  • What forms, tools, or processes are used to assess and/or evaluate program and institutional excellence?
  • Validity, reliability, and fairness. In what ways are validity, reliability, and fairness addressed in higher education assessment practices and processes?
  • Unintended consequences. What unforeseen and unplanned outcomes of assessment and evaluation have been observed? How are these identified and managed?