Call for Proposals Now Open for the 2021 Conference on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment

November 16, 2020 all-day

AAC&U invites proposals for concurrent sessions and poster presentations at the 2021 AAC&U Virtual Conference on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment: Embracing the Best Emerging Practices for Quality and Equity. This conference urges educators to reflect on how to navigate turbulent contexts and maintain steady progress toward quality and equity. Conference sessions will highlight new approaches to general education, pedagogy, and assessment that

  • promote the integration of knowledge and the development of higher-order learning, skills, and abilities rather than requiring a set of unconnected introductory courses;
  • connect with the learning goals of the major, the work of student affairs, the goal of preparing students for lifelong learning, and the missions of our institutions;
  • serve as the foundation for equity in preparing current and future civic leaders who engage across differences and apply knowledge and skills to complex and important challenges;
  • act as potentially powerful tools for retention, completion, and proficiency; and
  • provide valuable and enduring professional development for the current and future workforce.

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