2019 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work

July 16, 2019 – July 19, 2019 all-day
Emory University
Association of American Colleges and Universities

The 2019 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work is intended for college and university teams interested in developing faculty and staff leadership to advance programs and curricula that build students’ capacity to integrate their learning—across general education, majors, and the cocurriculum, as well as prior professional, academic, and life experiences inside and outside the classroom. Today, college graduates must be able to apply the knowledge and skills they are learning in real-world contexts as they collaborate with diverse groups to develop solutions to complex and urgent problems encountered in globalized workplaces and civic life. The Institute is informed by the LEAP Challenge to expect Signature Work of all students.

The Institute is designed for faculty and administrative teams leading change to deepen students’ integrative learning over time—connecting general education with learning in the major, and curricular with co-curricular learning. Campus teams at any stage in the process of emphasizing integrative learning for student success are encouraged to apply. The minimum team size is five people, including at least one senior academic officer. Key administrative leaders are essential for accomplishing broad-based educational reform on campus. Networks of engaged chairs and faculty can help sustain this reform. Teams are also encouraged to include additional individuals from faculty development, student affairs, or assessment offices.