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Curriculum Mapping Toolkit

The curriculum mapping toolkit is focused on mapping learning in the variety of places it occurs including within a program, across general education, throughout the institution, and in the co-curriculum. The mapping toolkit provides resources for community colleges, certification programs, and learning experiences that may not be deemed a program per se along with tools for four-year institutions. Including a framing document and connections to the assignment library efforts, the toolkit provides a variety of examples on how to approach, frame, and engage in mapping learning as well as templates for different maps.

The toolkit provides tools, materials, and resources that can be borrowed and adapted to local and regional circumstances. We invite you to share with us additional examples, materials, resources, and modifications of the toolkit to add to this resource. If you have examples, please send them to

Mapping Learning: A Toolkit

Institutional example of general education assessment mapping from the Oregon Institute of Technology and California State University - San Bernardino.

Institutional example: The Process of Aligning Student Learning Outcomes across the Campus: The Stockton University Example.


Degrees That Matter

To learn more about curriculum mapping, please read chapter four of Degrees That Matter.