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Assessment That Matters: Trending Toward Practices That Document Authentic Student Learning

Assessment of student learning remains an ongoing and prevalent activity for United States higher education. Following up to its 2009 and 2013 surveys of chief academic officers, NILOA continues to provide a landscape of current approaches and practices related to assessing student learning unfolding on college and university campuses. To take a snapshot of institution-level assessment in 2017 and trends over time, the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) conducted its third nationwide survey of provosts between April and September 2017. Respondents from 811 regionally, accredited, undergraduate degree-granting, institutions from throughout the U.S. participated. This report summarizes the major findings and presents implications for policy and practice.

Please view the 2018 NILOA Provost Survey Report below:

Please cite as: Jankowski, N. A., Timmer, J. D., Kinzie, J., & Kuh, G. D. (2018). Assessment that matters: Trending toward practices that document authentic student learning. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA).

Past survey questionnaires pdfs may be downloaded below, but please contact us before using it for research or external purposes.
2017 Survey Questionnaire
2013 Survey Questionnaire
2010 Survey Questionnaire
2009 Survey Questionnaire

: This NILOA work has been featured in several media venues:

Press Release- NILOA releases results of third national survey on assessment practices in U.S. higher education.


This NILOA work has been featured in a several media venues:

Fain, P. (2018, January 26). Provosts' Views on Student Learning Assessment. Inside Higher Ed.

Elfman, L. (2018, February 11). Equity Gaining Emphasis in Assessing Student Outcomes. Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

Worthen, M. (2018, February 23). The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes.’ The New York TImes.

Announcement of NILOA's 2018 report on our survey of chief academic officers

The choices that institutions are making about how they want to go about assessing student learning are the ones giving them the information that matters.
- Dr. Natasha A. Jankowski, NILOA director