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Joliet Junior College

Criterion: Communication, Navigation & Creativity

The Student Learning Committee’s website at Joliet Junior College contains an abundance of information on student learning outcomes assessment in an easy to find, centralized location. The website includes a link to an assessment handbook, which has been revised twice since its development in 1996; information on assessment grants for creative ways of assessing student learning; assessment tools including books, vocabulary, models, and frequently asked questions; and copies of the assessment newsletter from Fall 2008 through the current issue. In addition to the resources and information on student learning outcomes assessment, access is provided to the departmental plans and reports, including current and past assessments. Finally, to further communication and in the same style and easy to navigate format, the committee has developed a student learning video. The video presents information on assessment of student learning in a fun alternative to the other textual media presented on the website. The plethora of easy to understand information on assessment, as well as the multiple media formats in which the information is presented makes Joliet Junior College NILOA’s featured website.