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Featured Website: Western Washington University

Western Washington University

Criterion: Communication

Concordia University Wisconsin

Western Washington University’s Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education does an excellent job publicly reporting assessment activities on campus. Not only are assessment plans accessible for each department but Program and Course Assessment Handbooks are available to highlight tools and techniques for writing assessment plans for program and course improvement (these Handbooks are also highlighted on the Transparency Framework section of our NILOA website -click here). One creative endeavor of WWU is its Center for Instructional Innovation & Assessment, or CIIA.  The CIIA is “centered on quality, assessment, and innovation in undergraduate learning environments.”  Assessment video modules, instructional technologies, teaching tips, information on portfolios and more are all publically available. 

Home to both the Dialogue and Praxis publications, Western Washington University’s Assessment Office provides several resources for both internal and external audiences in the area of assessment.  While Dialogue provides readers with information to improve teaching, learning and assessment at WWU, Praxis pushes its readers to move from “theory to practice.” For its creativity involving assessment tools and communication through various sources, Western Washington University is March’s Featured Website.