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University of Hawai'i, Manoa

Criterion: Communication & Creativity

From information on how to plan for assessments to examples from other schools to original research projects to handouts, University of Hawai‘i, Manoa (UHM) Assessment Office website has it all. We highlight two activities, Assessment Shorts and annual assessment reports, from this site and encourage you to check out the rest. For its clear communication and creativity, University of Hawai‘i's Assessment Office is NILOA’s featured website.

One component of UHM’s Assessment Office website is the “Assessment Shorts,” brief examples of a diverse set of programs’ assessment activities. These “Shorts” are a creative way to encourage other programs to think about their own assessment work. Each “Short” highlights different aspects of assessment such as capstone courses, curriculum mapping, and exit surveys. The “Shorts” are presented in a narrative style. For example, one “Short” showcases American Studies program where the chair of the department used informal assessment to see how the program was serving students. The American Studies program also uses a senior capstone thesis to assess student learning outcomes, which was successfully modified due to assessments like curriculum mapping. With tips, suggestions, and links to resources, the “Assessment Shorts” not only provide a story of how a program is doing assessment but they also create an avenue for others to look as they begin assessment work.

Second, the annual program assessment reports are listed on the website. These reports are guided by common questions (updates to the current SLO, percentages of courses related to the SLO, types and reasons for assessment activities) and presented in an accessible way with charts and graphs. In addition, annual institutional summary reports are listed that include a spreadsheet of the types of evidence (direct and indirect) collected by programs and a report of all assessment activities.

The items highlighted here are available on UHM’s Assesment Office website. What is striking about this site is that it could serve as a resource not just for the UHM campus, but also anyone interested in assessment, for instance see the how-to section on performing a number of assessment activities and the FAQ section.