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Featured Website: Truman State University

Truman State University

Criterion: Communication

Truman State

Truman State University, who has been involved in assessment since 1972 (view its history here), has done an excellent job in building a comprehensive general assessment process. Previously known as the Provost Advisory Committee and now divided into two working groups, the Design and Implementation Group (DIG) and Analysis and Reporting Group (ARG) have the responsibility of "the design and selection of assessment instruments, the implementation of assessments, and the analysis, reporting, and use of assessment results." While faculty and staff are appointed to the ARG by the Provost, recommended faculty, staff, and students comprise the DIG. The DIG is responsible for the selection and implementation of the various assessment instruments/components of Truman's Assessment Program listed on the website. Included are surveys, interviews, performance assessments, and nationally normed exams. The ARG is responsible for the analysis, use and dissemination of the results of assessment instruments used on its campus. One major undertaking showcasing such results has been its Assessment Almanac, an annual, three-volume online publication. Also included on its Assessment home page are a Frequently Asked Questions list for faculty, students and staff, a link to its current strategic plan, and a Glossary of Assessment Terms.

One of Truman State's most well-developed assessment programs is the Truman Portfolio. Access to individual students portfolios are password-protected; however, rubrics (referred to as descriptors) are listed for critical thinking and writing, interdisciplinary thinking, historical analysis, and intercultural thinking and results for each of the descriptors are reported in the yearly Assessment Almanac. Included on the Portfolio page is also a FAQ list for interested faculty and students. For its commitment to assessment through the years and communication of its results, Truman State University is January's Featured Website.