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Featured Website: Oregon State University

Oregon State University

Criterion: Communication

Oregon State University

The Office of Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation (APAA) website provides a wealth of assessment information for those internal and external to Oregon State University. Learning outcomes have been developed for all academic and co-curricular departments in addition to seven learning goals established for graduates. A crosswalk of colleges and programs that are utilizing high-impact practices is provided as well as information by college and program on specific assessment activities underway. Besides its APAA website, Oregon State also communicates assessment information concerning its Division of Student Affairs and outlines assessment at the graduate degree program level. All assessment plans for undergraduate, graduate, general education and co-curricular programs are publicly available on Oregon State’s website.  A wide variety of resources consisting of books, reports, journal articles, book chapters and conference proceedings are also available.

Guiding its campus’ assessment endeavors is the University Assessment Council (UAC), comprised of support staff, faculty, and administrators.  Agendas and minutes are publicly available from its recent University Assessment Council’s (UAC) Meetings. Also, an academic reporting timeline is provided on the website of when assessment reports will be due across the institution. Oregon State sponsors an annual Faculty Assessment Academy at which professional development for faculty is provided, best assessment practices within the university are highlighted, and mentoring faculty are honored and rewarded.Presentations from its most recent Assessment Academy can also be viewed on its website. For its communication of a variety of information to multiple audiences in a clear and easy to understand format, Oregon State University is February’s Featured Website.