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Featured Website: Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University

Criterion: Communication

Oklahoma State University's Assessment website communicates assessment information clearly to multiple audiences by providing specific links for faculty, students, and the general public. Each link provides access to information that is specifically of interest to the relevant party on assessment. In addition to tailoring material and information to internal and external audiences, the website provides access to a variety of survey reports, institutional assessment activities, and departmental assessment activities. In addition, the website includes professional development materials for faculty, information on assessment grants, information from the Assessment and Academic Improvement Council meetings, and other assessment resources. The wealth and variety of information on assessment located on this website make it a one-stop information warehouse for audiences interested in learning more about assessment. The website is very user friendly and employs language that is welcoming and easy to understand. Through sharing information on assessment activities, resources, results, and events to multiple audiences in a user friendly format, Oklahoma State University's Assessment website is truly worthy to be a NILOA Featured Website.