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Featured Website: Juniata College

Juniata College

Criterion: Communication & Creativity



For those interested in learning more about student learning, Juniata College has "Just the Facts" website that addresses “whatever your questions might be.” The "Just the Facts" website provides information on “what we know about our programs, the success, the challenges, the in-progress.” Not afraid to state that the institution still has room to grow, the website showcases areas where the institution is attempting to improve as well as already succeeding. Further, the website is easy to read, tailored to a broad audience, and utilizes clear visual representation of information including graphs. Shared outcomes and assessment results are contextualized to the institution, divided into specific themes, and background information on the assessment methods are provided. In addition, each page includes contact information for viewers interested in obtaining additional information and any questions or comments submitted on the website go directly to the president of the institution. "Just the Facts" synthesizes a variety of student learning information in easily digestible chunks that speak to a multiple of audiences. For their dedication to transparency and facilitation of this creative endeavor, Juniata College is the Featured Website for August.