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Jacksonville State University

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Centralized Assessment Repository

Jacksonville State University

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) at Jacksonville State University is committed to providing "accurate, reliable, and systematic departmental and institutional support in research and assessment" through the use of "cutting-edge technology and a collection of high quality, proven tools and resources that support continuous improvement through meaningful planning, analysis, reporting, and informed decision-making." A participant in AASCU's Red Balloon Project, a focus on the assessment of student learning is included in its comprehensive system of continuous improvement.

The University Assessment System Schedule provides an overview of when each survey or test, such as CLA, CBASE, and New Student Survey, are administered. Data collected from assessments are stored online and can be accessed publicly. In addition to public reporting of survey and test data, Fact Book data is displayed through live time Tableau Server. Additional data can be accessed through the server by department heads and directors to aid in their assessment report writing. These assessment reports, which include information on a department/program's operational goals, objectives, strategies, methods of assessment/evaluation, and use of results, are all stored in JSU's password-protected PRISM information management system. Program review schedules by year and by unit type are accessible as well as actual program reviews and departmental self-studies. Examples of how departments are using assessment to improve JSU's campus are captured in OIRA's newsletter, "Momentum," available each semester. Articles and links on assessment are available in its Resource Center.

Communication about various assessment initiatives, creativity in making live data accessible including through a mobile app, and centralization of assessment resources, Jacksonville State University's OIRA is May's Featured Website.