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Featured Website: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Criterion: Communication

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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has accumulated a variety of assessment resources on its website. One of the signature initiatives is what is known as Principles of Undergraduate Learning. These principles, according to the website, “comprise a common, campus-wide articulation of expectations for baccalaureate degree recipients” and “define a set of higher order abilities and skills that all undergraduates are expected to master, providing a focused statement of expectations for all undergraduate students, no matter what their major, and a common framework for assessing and evaluating academic programs.” Tools, matrices, historical documents, assessment strategies, and other resources have been developed to help integrate the initiative into campus assessment activities and are shared on the website.

In addition, IUPUI is active in promoting its work on ePortfolios.  Information about assessment rubrics, possible grant funding for department initiatives, presentations about ePortfolios, and more are offered on the website. Students are encouraged to participate in assessment activities through a formal initiative known as the RISE to the IUPUI Challenge. The initiative, according to the website, “engages students more deeply in their learning and contributes to their intellectual and professional development in unique ways” and “incorporates qualified experiences, integration of knowledge, reflection, and assessment.” For its communication through the various assessment resources on its site and creativity in terms of assessment initiatives on its campus, IUPUI is April's Featured Website.