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Featured Website: Howard University

Howard University



Howard University’s Office of Institutional Assessment & Evaluation (OIAE) website presents an overview of Howard’s evidence-based approach to assessment. Howard’s quarterly newsletters provide ongoing data related to student achievement and student satisfaction at Howard, including student and faculty survey results, student interviews, and updates on various student programs. Howard’s Assessment Dashboard offers accessible and useful assessment data, including information related to enrollment, retention, and graduate rates; analysis of student learning outcomes in quantitative reasoning and written communication; and institutional survey results.

Howard’s detailed conceptual framework and strategic plan for assessment not only presents Howard’s general approach to assessment, but also describes specific methods of measuring student performance at the university, program, and course level. A reports page provides analysis of these measurements, as well as results of various institutional surveys and occasional reports. Due to its straightforward and thorough presentation of the assessment process at Howard, Howard University’s OIAE website is this month’s featured website in the category of Communication.


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