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Featured Website: Concordia University - Wisconsin

Concordia University-Wisconsin

Criterion: Communication

Concordia University-Wisconsin

Using NILOA's Transparency Framework as a means to organize assessment information, Concordia University Wisconsin's Evaluation & Assessment Office's website is well on its way to providing meaningful information on student learning. Easily accessible through its University's main web page, the purpose of its website is "to provide detailed information regarding why and how we gather evidence of our student learning throughout the University as a whole as well as from our core curriculum, programs, and majors."

Concordia University – Wisconsin shows multiple audiences how it has improved its institution in each of the 6 components of the NILOA Transparency Framework . Listed on its "Student Learning Outcomes Statements" web page are each of the student learning outcomes by department/major. An Assessment Plan report indicating where the university is currently making revisions can be found under "Assessment Plans." Curriculum mapping and presentations about their assessment process are a few of the "Assessment Resources" available. Informative graphs and actual data from its Student Learning Outcome Assessment Reports from the 2010-2011 academic year are provided on its "Current Assessment Activities" web page. The different assessment instruments used by the university and different departments is listed on its "Evidence of Student Learning" web page. Under "Use of Student Learning Evidence," Concordia reports how the results of course and program-level assessments were used for improvement in the departments of Nursing, Rehabilitative Science, and History.

By providing actual reports documenting its work on assessment of its core curriculum, viewers are able to clearly see how Concordia University-Wisconsin uses data to help make improvements to its campus. Further, viewers have the opportunity to provide feedback to Concordia on its website. For its commitment to transparency, its creativity in presenting information, and its easy-to-navigate site, Concordia University-Wisconsin is December's Featured Website.