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California Lutheran University (CLU) has about a decade’s worth of experience with student learning outcomes (SLOs) assessment. Driven by its core commitments of Liberal Learning, Professional Preparation, and Character and Leadership Development, CLU has designed 8 detailed institutional SLOs and rubrics for assessing each of the following areas: (1) Communication (written and oral); (2) Information Literacy; (3) Quantitative Literacy; (4) Creative and Critical Thinking; (5) Identity and Values; (6) Principled Leadership; (7) Interpersonal and Teamwork; and (8) Cross Cultural Competency.  These SLOs have been translated into specific departmental Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).
The site provides resources to students and faculty as they use SLOs.  Faculty are able to learn how to write

SLOs and how to incorporate SLOs into their syllabi and courses (examples are provided).  In addition to providing a timeline for program reviews and inventory and monthly calendar of administered surveys, CLU has made available its Program Review Handbook which is intended to provide CLU, and other institutions, “background on the purpose of Program Reviews, guiding principles, the process, report, assessment system, seven year cycle, an overview of report sections, external reviews, internal reviews, and comments from faculty…and resources.”  Each year since 2006, CLU has held a professional development day which includes assessment related topics. CLU has also made the program and PowerPoint presentations from past Assessment Symposiums available to the public.