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Featured Website: California State University - Fresno

California State University-Fresno

Criterion: Communication

California State University – Fresno’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) web page provides a wealth of assessment information to multiple audiences across campus.  From its detailed Fact Book data to information about its assessment activities and their results, CSU - Fresno provides practical tools to assess student learning outcomes and the means for faculty, staff and administrators to use the results of assessment to improve learning.  For example, Student Outcomes Assessment Plans, or SOAPs, and sample rubrics and templates are publicly available on each program offered at CSU - Fresno.  Further, since Fall 2005, faculty from various departments interested in implementing direct measures of student learning have received grants from the OIE, and final reports are publicly available. 

The staff of OIE have been instrumental in using data collected from different assessment instruments such as the CLA, NSSE, and CAAP to write reports on retention and graduation, learning, faculty and staff, program assessment and evaluation, and enrollment patterns - each uniquely designed for both internal and external audiences.  Those both inside and outside of CSU-Fresno can see actual examples of how to use assessment data to understand more about its student population.  Furthermore, OIE staff have also written several briefs ranging from emerging campus topics of “How do Faculty Members Use Their Class Time?”, “After 3 Years of College, Why Leave Without a Degree?”, and “Examples of What We Know Based on Assessment.” With its wealth of information publicly accessible to both internal and external audiences, California State University – Fresno is the featured website for the month of November.